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Advice please don't know where to turn to now!

Hi ladies hope u are as well as can be,

I need some advice please. I was diagnosed with Endo almost 3 years ago. I have had 5 laps in less than 2 years my last treatment was total pelvic excision and this was done privately. After all these ops I am still experiencing chronic right side pelvic pain 24/7. I have had 2 MRI scan to see if any in my womb but all came back clear. My specialist says I have no endo as my last op cleared it! I have been sent to pain management to try acupuncture, 3 steroid injectiobs to my back, medication but nothing's has taken the pain away (not even taken the edge of it) I have been on oramorph, co Codamol, tramadl, amertriptline and a while load more.

It's like I have come to the end of the road with nothing working. Have any of you had similar happen to you? Could you suggest any medication or treatment I should try?


T xx

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Hi, I'm sorry to hear how I'll you feel, especially after all them ops, I hope you don't mind me asking but how old are you and have you had children yet, or do you want them?

Have you tried changing your diet, and supplements? Or have the docs put you on GnHR? I'm only at the beginning of my road, I'm 39 and have 3 boys, im waiting for my lap, my gyne has mentioned endo and adenomyosis, I take it they don't think you have Aden,

Don't give up, I'm sure there is lots out there that you havnt tried yet, and the awareness for this condition is on the up, so they will always come up with different better treatment,


It sounds like adhesions forming after so many operations. Try with the supplements, antinflammatories like vit d, omega 3, magnesium/zinc, and Melatonin at night reduces pain well, but you'd have to experiment with the doses. Its not the same for everyone. x


Hi ladies, thanks for your reply.

I'm 31 years old and am single and would like children in the future but more than that I want to be pain free! they have ruled out Aden as 2 MRI scans have come back clear but they still say if I have a tiny amount it won't show up! I haven't been put on GnHR.

I will definitely try the supplements.



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