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Hi Everybody, I am wondering if anybody could give me some advice?

I have thought I have endometriosis for the last three years. after numerous days off work for the last four years and most recently being in hospital for a week due to severe pain. I am still no closer to getting any answers. I feel like the doctors are not doing anything, when I am in severe pain they give me pain relief but until that happens its almost like nobody believes the pain I'm in??

I am starting to feel the pains again today and its making me feel so anxious, I wonder if anybody has any advice for me?

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i feel the same way, i got sent home on friday from my work after struggling - everytime i make an appointment for the hosp or doctors im sore but it doesnt show so no one really sees how bad my pain can get. i take cocodamol it does help but comes with the usual side effects of nausea and drowsyness. i use a heat pad thing you put in the microwave and it dents it a bit try it and see if it helps. i hope you find something! x


Hi girls, ask your Gp to refer you to a gyne doc, if you havnt already seen one, if you have one make an appointment to see gyne, when I went to my appointment a typed out a letter regarding my past and present pains, life, ect, my gyne liked this, it's a really good idea to write it all down over a month, you might start seeing some paterns, ect.

We shouldn't be in any type of pain on a long term basis and generally I think that if you are there most be something wrong. Don't give up trying to get diagnosis, demand a laporoscopy to see if it's endo. Good luck xx


Agree with previous comments. Find yourself the best Gynaecologist in your area. Ask around among all women friends - try older ladies, as they may have seen one for menopause or HRT help, especially if their GPs are reluctant. I don't know how it works if you are in the States, but here in the UK, I had been going to my GPs for ages, until I got the name of a Gynae who my pals felt 'walked on water'. I ended up seeing him privately - could have seen another one (possibly just as good), on the NHS, (my gynae recommended her, when he finally retired for good), but this one was by then only doing private work. However, he just set things in motion - sort of made the GPs do as they were told - and everything else was NHS (in my case decent hormone testing to check the state of things, and then the fitting of a mirena coil, under anaesthetic - don't anyone be forced to have it in a clinic, in the UK it is your right to have one in hospital under anaesthetic, if you wish).

Obvioulys you may not follow the same route as me, but I really would find a wonderful Gynae.

good luck, take care.


Hello there, did the DR ever give you an ultrasound?I have suffered from endometriosis for many years. This year i am in more control of my endo. I have tried the natural alternative route yes it takes discipline and hard work but its paying off. I take vitamin b,omega 3,magnesuim,tumeric and nattokinase. I stay away from red meat only once a week and eat allot of chicken and tuna. Add lots of fresh veggies and eat blue berries, home made soups are good lentil and chicken soup is my favorite. I have less pain and more energy. I am finally getting healed. I Wish you good health!


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