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Had a larascopy , confirmed and removed endo , pain still unbearable , help? :(

I hope this isn't too optimistic but here goes. I'm 20. My only symptom was pain during intercourse that wasn't there to start with and over about a year it had become more and more unbearable, eventually my husband persuaded me to go to the doctors, I had an ultrasound and I was 3 weeks pregnant ( Any ladies out there trying to conceive with endo, There is hope xx) they passed it off as the embryo emplanting in my womb and sent me away. Thankfully I have a lovley baby boy now 10m. During my whole pregnancy the pain was still exactly the same, and only during intercourse ( which I'm told is unusual for endo) after I had given birth and in time I felt back to myself... Well the pain was still there and even worse! Eventually after another 8 months I went back , I had every test for every disease / infection etc all clear, I had more ultrasounds, nothing. Eventually after my first appointment being nearly 3 years ago they decided to send me for a larascopy. They confirmed endo and said they had removed it at the same time. (Now here's for the 'might be too optimistic bit). That was over four weeks ago, tried intercourse once and the pain is exactly the same! I put it down to needing more time to heal internally. I have a check up in another 3 months . I had pinned my hopes on the Larascopy and removing the endo would decrease the pain greatly.

Am I expecting too much? Ladies with the same issue did removing the endo take your pain away or reduce it? If so how long did it take?

I feel like it is ruling my life, my husband is amazingly supportive but I'm so frustrated and it often has me in tears, I don't want to live in this constant pain forever , do I need more time? Sorry if TMI and for the really long post, but any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi I can relate to a lot of what you said, I just had laser lap 2 weeks ago for endo, Dr also said I have Adenomyosis which is endo in the muscle of womb whcih makes it swell and rest on my bladder and bowel making going to toilet painful, it also means painful sex as the womb is swollen it can take more of a battering I guess?? He fitted a mirena coil he says it needs the hormone to shrink the womb and I have to wait 3 months to see if it works

I last had endo lasered 10 years ago and I can't remember the recovery time for sex, sorry

I haven't tried yet this time, I'm a bit scared



I decided not to have the mirena at the same time as my op, as I wanted to wait until I had woken and discussed their findings, as the pain is no different , Ive decided to have the mirena fitted in a months time , hopefully it helps. hope all works out with you , goodLuck ! X


Hi Dollar - I see no one replied to this. By the way, pain in intercourse is normal with endometriosis - don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

But as I said on my reply just now, give yourself 3 months for recovery times from your surgery.

What did they find in the surgery and what did they do?


Ok great thanks, it's been a mont and a half now, they found three patches two on pelvic walls and one on rectal pouch and they cut them away x


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