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Gutted and confused

I went to see the gynaecologist yesterday to check results of ultrasound and to give the go ahead for my hysterectomy. I didn't get the news I was expecting as the doc said hysterectomy is needed as lots of fibroids, cysts as well as endo BUT.... I can't have it done till I have my bladder sorted!!! Apparently I have a small hard mass in my bladder and need a cytoscopy but I have no idea if this is something I should be worried a lot about or if it's routine and I'm gutted I have to wait even longer for the surgery I so desperately need. Feeling very confused and scared.

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The cystoscopy is noting to be worried about, In my experience the procedure only took 10 mins and I was doing a zumba class a couple of hours later. I'm not sure in your case if they will take a biopsy while they are in there that maybe a bit more complicated. Do you have to wait long for this procedure? x


The referral has gone out today but not sure on waiting times. With choose and book at least I can go for first available appointment. Gp has said it's probably scarring or a stone so I feel reassured I just wasn't expecting any other issues. Thanks for the info on the procedure though.


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