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3am Rant!!

Hey ladies,

Hope your all tucked up in bed asleep.

Just come here for a rant after waking up 20 minutes ago in absolute agony!

Was diagnosed June last year and stopped taking my pill 2 months ago to give my body a break before starting a different pill.

I've been waiting since then for a proper period, and am now wishing I hadn't :(

Scorching hot water bottle on my belly is seeming like the only thing that's working at the moment - which isn't great as it leaves me scarred!

Just wish they'd cure this once and for all!!!

Emma x

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Hi Emma .. Your not alone you sound just like me.. Be strong . I'm scarred from my water bottle too as I feel it's literally the only thing that helps. Just rest I also have hot radox salt baths .. Which sometimes help a little and Camile tea. Hope your fast asleep now x


Hey, Aw no sorry your suffering too!! It is horrible having the scars isn't it? but deffo the only thing that helps me! Unfortunately not asleep - at work until 5.30 but plenty of painkillers and I'm able to bring my hot water bottle (childminder so no one else here luckily :) ).



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Yes it's horrible i feel embarrassed by it.. It really is the only thing that helps I agree. I did a night shift last night I'm just waiting up to try and get an appointment in the doctors .. Hopefully you will sleep good tonight just dose up and have ur water bottle ready xx


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