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Could it be back

Hiya new to this group looking for advice please has Anybody had endo return after a hysterectomy still have overys one is covered in scar tissue had the op in August 2010 been having tenson migran for 12 mths and now I'm getting cramps realy bad leg aks and pains realy bad back pains hard to walk with it feel very low drained ect Dr did test for menopause and all bloods came back fine thinking to myself has it come back could it come back ?

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Hi. Sorry to hear you are unwell again. My auntie had a full hysterectomy and then started to bleed and have endo type pain. After a lap she was told that she still had endo tissue which was still spreading and causing the bleeding and pain. Apparently they had missed it when the took everything else during the hysterectomy. Might be worse getting a referral again xx hope u get it sorted x


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