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Endo on bowl flare up?

Hi everyone, I had the coil fitted on friday to treat 'hidden endometriosis'. I had a lap which although they didn't thoroughly look (by their admission) they didnt find any endo however i have a big family history and all signs point to endo so they are treating it as if they have found it. What I wanted to ask is can the coil cause a flare up of symptoms immediately after fitting? I understand I will be crampy however every period I get a very bad stabbing pain up my bum (sorry) and have to run to the toilet where as the rest of the month I'm fine, I understand this is a good indication to endo on bowel however since fitting I have had these symptoms to a new extreme to the point I cant sleep because I'm worried I'm going to have an accident. I've avoided work I'm only 20 I feel like I shouldn't be worried about not being able to control myself!! I also understand the coil will help pain which ive got my fingers crossed for however if my bowel has already been damaged can that be helped by the coil? So will this pain on cycle start to go or is this something that needs to be dealt with surgically?

sorry for the long post, bit confused Hope someone can help

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Sorry to hear what a tough time you are having. I have severe endo and it was on my bowel. Prior to surgery it stopped my bowels functioning (no movements) around my period but I did have that stabbing pain. In the end I was given Zolodex injections then radical surgery laparoscopically which I am delighted to say has worked. I still have ongoing bowel issues as my bowel was damaged by the endo but it's manageable. I would strongly advise you get referred to a specialist endo centre to get proper investigations. You are very young so they need to catch it before it causes damage. I was diagnosed with severe endo at 31 but my severe bowel issues came to a head over 10 years later. If I had known I would have insisted in being fitted with a coil or taken the pill in that time to stop more damage. Good luck and take someone with you to appointments to help you be assertive - if they refuse put in an official complaint :-)


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