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Scary discharge...help!

Hello all,

I need to apologise for the question I am just about to ask as I know it is going to be a little TMI! but I really need some help as I'm quite worried.

I had laparoscopy 2 months ago, they removed endo and a cyst from my ovary and all in all surgery was 'successful'

I have been taking the pill back to back for 2 months now and on Saturday I started to have some break through bleeding. I wasn't too worried as I know this can happen but when I went to the toilet I had the most awful shock! Sorry for the description in advance.... In my sanity towel I had really thick tissue/skin like discharge - like nothing I have seen before. Probably the size of a ping pong ball (maybe bigger) it wasn't bloody but looked like a odd growth or fatty skin. It wasn't bloody.

I have since been to the doctor and he seemed pretty useless and seemed like he didn't really know what to say. I've stopped taking the pill now as I don't think it was agreeing with me and I would like to start ttc.

Has anyone had anything similar? It was really quite scary and I am worried about what it could be - could it be endo they cut away and didn't clear away during the op?

Please help! :(

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I had something similar after my lap number two. Mine was like a liver type consistancy. Like u said, not a blood clot. It had more substance to it than that. It was so big I felt it come out when I was in the shower. Sorry for the graphic details. I too mentioned it to my doctor and he didn't make too much of it saying could have been something that's dislodged during surgery. So unfortuately I'm still non the wiser. Sorry I couldn't help but wanted to let u know you werent alone.


Thanks for your response. In a way I am glad its not just me who has experienced this. The way you describe it sounds just like what happened to me although I didn't really feel any pain at the time. I guess its nothing to worry about but is quite alarming.


I am so glad I seen this post, I had the exact same thing. I had my lap middle of November and had my first period just after Christmas. This is again probably TMI, but I could feel something come out of me and knew it wasn't just blood, and when I went to the toilet I was terrified too. Mine was very fleshy, like some form of tissue, and was very large. I used to get clots but nothing like this, it wasn't bloody but was a very scary experience.. Definitely gave me a fright! I haven't had anything since so I am guessing it was just a one off (hoping it was a one off..) and don't need to experience something like that again! Hope you are keeping well xxx


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