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Post surgery pain - stage 4 endo


I am new to this site and don't know where else I can possibly get feedback.

I just recently had surgery December 12th by an endometriosis specialist here in NYC. The surgery was about 4 hours long and the Dr said he removed all of the endo But he had to call In a urologist to place a tube around my bladder since the surgery was extensive. I had to have the tube inside for 3 weeks and that was really the worst part of recorvey ( couldn't walk far or go up steps without feeling pressure/ pain, blood in urine and I got a UTI that seem to have lasted forever !)

Well the doctor finally removed the tube, it was awkward and discomforting but I was so relieved ! That night I had my first period since surgery, no fun. I experienced the typical painful symptoms of a period but after my period I continued to have this constant pain in my left ovary / pelvic area and it has increased day after day ... The pain goes from my pelvic area to my groin area, even the clitoral area. It is a discomforting pain I can't really explain and I have absolultey never felt in the 8 years I've known to have endometriosis and have had 3 surgeries.

Has anyone had this same pain ???

Is it connected to the urologist removing the tube ? Is it something cause by my first period after surgery ? Did I still have a UTI and did it spread ? Is it a nerve ?

So many scenarios. I have a doctors appointment this week , second follow up.

Any feedback would be much appreciated.

Thank you ladies ,


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I have the same symptoms as you! I had my lap on dec 9 and I still have chronic and often sharp pain in my left ovary. I had stage 2 and no cysts or other complications and I still have this pain. My mind goes everywhere with it. My specialist believes it could still be just healing, but she put me on the antidepressants incase its nerve pain ( her other belief) but I'm

Over it!!!!!


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