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Do Doctors ever listen?

Hey guys, so I've been a silent follower of this site for a few months now, and my first post isn't going to be a good one unfortunately.

In August my consultant put me on a 6 month Decapeptyl treatment for stage 3 endometriosis, I took the first Jab at the hospital and had to take the remaining 5 at my Doctors. Just before my second jab i had an argument with my Dr as he wanted to give me two 3 month jabs and had already ordered the first. I insisted that I don't want the treatment to be over 6 months even though he said it wont make a difference. My gynie consultant had said 6 months and the medication clearly stated not to exceed 6 months, this was my first time on such a strong medication and I wanted to take the safe option. I told him i would take the 3 month jab but then have 2 single 1 month jabs to make 6 months instead of 7, he finally agreed after a lot of persuasion, did I make a big deal over nothing? The injection takes less then a minute and i'm out straight after! In December I went back for the fifth months injection, it was already ready and i had the jab, before taking it i did confirm that it was for a month, and after the doctor told me to go and make an appointment for January, in January i rang up to confirm the jab had been ordered, it hadn't, so i had them order a 1 month jab. On monday I

went to take the injection and the receptionist handed it to me,for some odd reason I opened the pack and saw a 3 month box, the doctors were informed and reviewed my notes, and I was then informed that the previous month when i was clearly told I was being given a one month jab I had actually been given a 3 month jab. I told the Dr that it means i'm going over my treatment time and she said "it's only by a couple of weeks" I replied saying it's actually a month over, she apologised about it, passed the blame on to a colleague when she had administered the jabs under my usual doctors instructions, they both knew what had happened and had lied to me. She then asked me if i needed to take the 3 month jab, i got annoyed and asked her if she was actually asking me, an 18 year old patient, whether i should be given a 3 month injection 1 month into the previous 3 month injection? I want to report them because I dread to think what would have happened if i didn't open the box or it had been given straight to the doctor. This medication has taken a lot out of me and i've been extremely weak and ill while on it, the accompanying pill that should have been given to me in the second to third month was given to me 5 months in. I've lost all faith in my doctors, after years of being in pain they still don't take anything seriously. Sorry for the huge rant, I just don't kmow whether to complain or if i'm being oversensitive?

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Hi Fitarmy, first of all I am so sorry to hear this! What you're going through is rough, and having to deal with doctors like that is uncalled for and so so wrong!

I really think you should complain, they lied to you and completely disregarded your requests and feelings. I do feel that this is a violation of your body! Does your GP have a PALS service? Or can you contact the NHS? I've made a complaint once a few months ago via PALS, they talked me through everything and even agreed I was in the right to make a formal complaint, so you won't be rushed into a complaint, if thats what you are worried about.

I really advise you talk this over with someone like PALS or a complaint department, what happened to you is not ok! So don't feel like you are overreacting. These doctors know better and took advantage. You deserve better!

K xx


Hi Kalmillar, thank you so much for the reply and good advice, I've looked into PALS and I am going to complain, I could not get in touch with the NHS and I am probably going to talk to the Doctors and manager at the clinic too, so they are aware I will be complaining and will hopefully start paying more attention to patients.

I'm sorry you had to go through making a complaint, and I hope it's all resolved now.

Thank you again, take care xx


I agree with kalmia lair, you should complain, these doctors are in a position of trust and are paid well for the privilege, they are human but seems when they do make important mistakes they cover them up or are just to flippant about it, I hope you start feeling better soon, it's hard at such a young age to cope with what you are dealing with, did you have a lap to confirm it and did the surgeon take any thing away? I'm new to All this just waiting for date for my laposcopy, good luck hunny and chin up.


Thank you for the reply, I am going to complain. They definitely are, but it seems they like to cut corners as much as they can, and don't seem to address or even care about the consequences! Thank you, I had a lap in May last year to confirm endo, as before then it was just speculation and I was on the pill for 5 years to 'treat' it in case I did have it. I'd had about 5 or 6 ultrasounds from the age of 9 but they all came back clear and because of the time off school and college because of the pain which would be my whole period and about 2 days the rest of the weeks, they (doctors and teachers) thought I was faking/exaggerating and weren't too bothered about making a proper diagnosis. Nothing was removed or cleared as it was a diagnostics lap and not a treatment lap. Aw bless you, I hope the lap goes well, you should definitely talk to them if you're worried about anything being removed.

Good luck and all the best!


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