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Lower Right Back Ache


I'm 21 and new to this forum!

I seem to be experiencing some sort of lower back ache once my cycle finishes and I'm now wondering if it will be linked to endo?

My mam amd most females on her side have had the condition and my doctor is certain I have it (due to other symptoms) but I haven't been to see the doc about my back yet.

Thanks :)

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For a long time I had problems in my lower back on the left side. I felt it had a gynae link but my GP assured me it couldn't be. A Physio eventually helped by recognising the pain was in my pelvis rather than my lower back and having robe my own research I then felt I had endo. Was referred to specialist and had lap and removal of endo which was indeed found on my left side ovary. The back pain was resolved literally overnight. If you have family history of it, lower back pain on one side and the symptoms are worse with your cycle I think you need to push the GP on diagnosis and you can be treated before symptoms become worse. I spent years being given painkillers and anti inflammatories for back pain which never resolved my problem until endo was diagnosed and treated. Good luck! x


Seeing this has helped me tonight. I can't sleep for pelvic pain/one sided back ache which im sure is endo related. Just had a Mirena inserted, they hope it will help. Been reading a book on endo which is helping me under it more and sacral pain is a feature if endo is in certain areas of the pelvis. Last gynae appt didn't go well do I'm preparing myself for round 2. Your post has reminded me that we know our bodies better than anyone. Thank you


Thankyou for that :) I will certainly be pushing for a diagnosis before it gets worse! X

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