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Brown discharge between periods?

Hi ladies. I was diagnosed with endo 11 years ago and have been very lucky that it hasn't caused me many problems since I had my son 5 years ago as pregnancy seemed to help.

However, I've had some oddness this cycle and wondered if it sounds familiar to any of you: my periods can be anything from 30-60 days apart, which I'm used to. On day 34 of my cycle, I had some brown blood, so assumed my period had started as I sometimes get s bit of brown blood at the beginning of my periods. This dark brown discharge continued for 3 days and then stopped. There was enough of it to require a pad, but nowhere near as much as a normal period. 21 days later, my period came and was seriously heavy - even worse than usual, clots galore, a lot more pain than usual (and my periods are always pretty painful to start with). That was 10 days ago, and I am still getting a tiny amount of bitty brown discharge now, and pelvic pain. Am baffled by the brown discharge. There's no smell, so it must be old blood rather than an infection.

Does this sound like the return of endo? Or a burst cyst? Or something else?

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