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Is it back?

Hi all, im a 19 year old student new to this forum. I was diagnosed april 2014 and had lap june after several emergency appoints! i felt relived after being in the gyne unit since i was 15! Now i feel worse than before. The pain is torture, not sleeping, feel sick with the pain. Im not back to see my specialist until april i dont know what to do :( any suggestions please?

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I'm sorry to hear you are suffering, your situation sounds just like mine many years ago, unfortunately it has only been the last year that I have settled, and I'm 30 im sorry to say, however if I knew then what I know now I wouldn't! I tried all sorts of contaceptives and at the time of my third lap I was on 3 oral and the coil, and it was still growing. You need to go back to your specialist and at your age you do not want lap after lap for the next 20 years or more you need a long term plan. It may not sound ideal but if you were thinking of having children and it's not too bad to have them this I was told would be my only way of getting rid for a lengthy time, however I didn't and now can't :-( my suggestion would be is get your GP on your side (I just ring mine now and he writes my script over the phone from my meeting with the consultant) and go back to your specialist, you are always entitled to an appointment post op etc. you may have an USS to see if cysts have appeared etc. take care Kate x


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