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Is it back already?

Hi everyone, hope you all are painfree as can be.

I had an op done in November last year to remove Endo that was sitting on top of my bladder and ovaries and adhesions that were stuck to everything. I was so happy to find that I was painfree for the first time in years, I had a wonderful Christmas, I was able to eat solid foods without being in pain.

I noticed after I did the hoover 2 weeks ago my bladder pains kind of returned, not the burning or stabbing pains just heavy and pressing pains on my bladder and ovaries. As soon as I drink anything I need to go for a wee.

Could the Endo/adhesions come back so quickly? I feel tension on my bladder, you know like when your stressed and your shoulder feels tense, it's like that.

I don't know what to do, I'm worried my pains are returning and don't know if I can go through with the pains all over again. I thought everowas going well and that I would be able to look for work, but now I not so sure.

I'm on a gluten free, dairy free, soya free diet which is helping but I'm wondering if food is triggering off my bladder pains.

Anyone else found that having an operation helped for a short time then feel like your back to square one again?


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Yes i feel that way.. after 1st of few months later pains all started again. 2years on im due my 2nd op.. worried this will be never ending and feel no one understands the pain im in and people just think im exaggerating.


Thank you for replying.

I'm glad I'm not the only one.

So far I have had 4 operations, this was the 4th op I had which actually made a big difference to my everyday life. I slept better, moved around better, I was happy and smiling, and now I feel likes its all gone wrong.

I was so scared of telling my hubby about what I was feeling and what was happening to me because we were actually thinking of taking a family holiday this year, and I was worried that I might actually ruin the family plans as everyone is looking forward to the holiday. I told my hubby this morning and he said go see the doctor maybe it's something not serious.

I'm going to see my GP next week Monday and tell him what's happening with my health, and what I can feel.

I really wish there was a cure out there. Non of my other family members understand what I'm going through on a daily basis, and why I keep missing out on family functions.


I stay home as much as i can put have a very busy life.. i feel i need keep doing everythinf as no1 understands how much pain im in ... Just feeling down and alone in all this



Although I have my hubby and kids to talk to, I don't like to burden them with my problems as my kids all have stress to due exams coming and hubby constantly whining about work, all I do is listen to them all and then there's no way for me to talk to them about me as I'm knackered of listening and need time to myself so I can think.

I can't talk to my mum, sister or aunt as non of them ever heard of Endo and I'm the only one in the family who has it, so they don't understand at all.

I'm at home always, the only time I leave the house is when me and hubby do shopping or I have a doctors or hospital appointment.

If you need to chat, shout, or scream, vent I'm here for you. I'm Alone during the day as hubby sleeps during the day due to working nights.


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