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Pains six months surgery is this normal?

I had my endometriosis removed in July 2014 and last night and today ive been getting pains around the area they operated. Its not period pains as it is a different type of pain. It feels more like a stabbing burning pain. Has anyone else had this if so what did you do for it. I am trying for a baby so want to limit the amount of tablets i need to take.

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It could be an adhesion that formed.


Hi, it could be that some nerves were damaged during surgery - I have this too, I had my right ovary removed 2 years ago and still get a stabbing pain in the area where it was. I asked my consultant and unfortunately it's not something that will go away, just something I have to live with. Try a TENS machine if you want to avoid medication. Wishing you lots of luck with the baby x


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