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Just phoned in sick, period so painfull

I've just come on this morning and am having the worst period ever, I actually feel like I'm going to give birth, so painfull, I only work for a few hours s day, but have just phoned in sick, can't stand the disbelief in people's voices, if you don't suffer with bad periods, how can you dare to be opinionated about it, I'll probably struggle to go to the kitchen and get a sandwich today, I certainly can't walk around a playground for an hour. Arrrrggggggg.

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You have my sympathy. I used to take one week off a month ie when on my period until I had the LUNA procedure. I know people say it doesnt work but I git complete relief. I'm now back to square one having been diagnosed with endo. It was the sick leave that finally got my gynae to do something.


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