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could my scar be infected? (Post lap op 4 days)

I've noticed since last night where I've had my laparoscopy (through my belly button) the area around it is really sore and feels warm to touch. Its like it feels irritated? Maybe over worrying that somethings wrong. going to visit my dr tomorrow for some advise. just wondering if this is normal or could I possibly have an infection?

Instead of writing another post I'll add it onto this one.

I had the mirena coil removed also whilst in surgery, I expected bleeding afterwards but it's been continuous (very heavy etc) since coming home and doesn't seem to be easing. it's making me feel worse and worrying me too. Yes I'm a worrier and that's most prob not helping either haha.

Thanks for reading my rant ladies x x

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Hey ! I had my lap on Tuesday and I also have stitches in my belly button. Mines looking quite clean now but it still sore. It sort of feels funny if I run my fingers around the edges too. Think this is all normal. If it is starting to get red or any pus comes from it then it could be infected. But you doctor tomorrow will be able to see this and will treat accordingly.

I also had my mirena coil removed! I have barely had any bleeding only a tiny bit of dark brown spotting for the first two days and now nothing. But everybody is different and I didn't bleed atall whilst it was in,did you ? Again your doctor will know the answers and it's good that you are going tomorrow.



I've covered it back up as it's worrying me incase it's infected or I catch it. I honestly feel like it's going to rip open everytime I move. I asked the surgeon if this was because I'm slightly a tad overweight lol they assured me it wasn't. I can't move forward enough to see if it looks okay either as it hurts so bad.

I did bleed quite a lot whilst I had the coil but never like this. it's like back to square one before I was even on anything. Just feeling miserable and fed up now. Keep thinking it wasn't even worth the op. xx


Hi Hun , I had similar symptoms and I had a infection which is easily treated with antibiotics. Have you a mirror that you can stand on front of then you can see what is going on? Or a small mirror that you can hold against your tummy then you can see. You have your gp apt tommorow anyway but of it is red and pus oozing then ring 111 and they will advise you more . If you have a temperature etc then you might need to see a g.p sooner. I hope it gets sorted and you begin to feel better soon. I have been of work 3 weeks now after lap and it does get better. Doctor given me another 2 weeks as still chronic fatigue etc. Take care. X


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