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Hi, I've just joined this site, I'm 39 and am married with 3 sons 14, 13, and 10, ive been having painfull periods and during the month for years now, and over the last 8 months or so this has got worse, I've been docs in April again and they started investigating my symptoms, unfortunately they found a kidney stone in August and although mist of the medical professionals said that they didn't think my pains were down to the stone no one was willing to do any more test until stone was delt with, any way stones now gone and the urologist have signed me off after other tests, I've now been sent again to gynaecologist got appointment on Tuesday, I'm sure, my now constant aches and near enough constant pains in pelvis, groin, behind hips and down inside of legs is endometriosis, I'm going to ask for a laposcopy, do you think I will be advised to try other things first, only I was taken off pill 11 years ago due to hormone imbalance.

What do you think???????

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Hi, your symptoms sound like endo to me, pretty much what I have experienced myself. I think it will depend on your consultant as to what they recommened - they all have their own ideas of how to proceed. After external and internal ultrasound scan, showed ovarian cysts, I was told they would go away be themselves. I was still in pain a year later and told I shouldn't be! I insisted on referal to gyne, who put me on Prostap injections for 6 months - these stopped the pain. My gyne said therefore it was probably endo, but only a lap can diagnose for certain - she didnt seem keen on doing one, but I wanted to know for sure what the cause was, so I insisted. I found out I have severe stage 4 endo, have had more injections but asked to be referred to an endo specialist and have just had an MRI to find out if a hysterectomy is possible. The best advice I can give you is to right down all your symptoms, what kind of pains you have and when in your cycle - you may forget to mention thinggs during your appointment. This should make your consultant more likely to believe it is endo. Mention your having issues with hormonal treatments in the past. And remember you don't have to agree to any treatment you don't feel comfortable with - its your body!


Thank you so much for your reply, I've had ct scan and internal external ultrasound that's how the stone was found, but I worry that the tests they did after the stone only really was checking that it had passed, I can't wait for Tuesday appoint with gyne, I've written a note regarding history and pain, I've read that before, and I do always forget things,


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