Merina coil?

In October 2013 I had the merina coil fitted due to my cycle being very heavy and all over the place. It was great for a while but the last two or three months I starting getting normal periods again. The last 8 weeks they last up to a week and a half, not heavy but constant. With two weeks they are back. I finished my period on the 27th of Jan and yesterday when I wipe after using toilet I have a brown discharge. I've never seen this before! Can anyone tell me what's going on? I've no pain or anything like that!

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  • Brown discharge is just old blood so nothing to worry about, has the mirena helped with your pain xx

  • Yes it's being great untill last couple of weeks. It's like I'm bleeding all the time. But no pain

  • Enjoy the peace from the pain. I have just had a Mirena fitted so can't say what it's like yet. I do get irregular bleeding often though including old brown bloody discharge like you mention and I have heard it mention quite a bit too so try not to worry and just keep an eye on it.

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