Bit of an awkward question

Just wanted to say Happy New Year first of all.

Going to get straight to it, how are your bowel movements as mine over the past 7-8 months have become so painful when I pass a stool. Going to the doctors on the 5th as I previously had bleeding but that stopped over a 2 week period and during that time I visited the doctor and they werent concerned as we all thought it had stopped but it has come back, nastier than before, blood and all.. the blood over the past week has stopped but now my stool smells horrid! worse than normal poo and has a very metallic smell (sorry if tmi).

During December my GP got a letter back from the gyn saying I needed to go to a GU clinic and get all the tests done because 'I'm a teenager and sexually active, probably not safe.' so the whole typical teen thing because I am 16 (17 in 2 days) but I visited on the 19th, had all the tests done, all the swabs... first proper tests I have had done in the whole 5yrs I've been going to and from the doctors in agony. At the end of that, the lady wanted me to come back and get an internal examination from a doctor at the clinic.. went back on the 30th and have to say it was absolute agony D: she said it all points towards endo and she will be writing to my GP to get the referral pushed forward again as she believes they are stupid for sending me to the clinic when it is obviously not something sexually contracted as I have been having the pains since my periods started when I was 10, but didnt visit the doctors until I was 11. So back to the GP it is.

Sorry for such a weird personal question but I know bowels can be affected by endo and passing stools is a big part in some peoples pain. Thank you.

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  • hi, sorry to hear you are having such a horrible time! I have excruciating pain before, during and after needing to pass a stool and have been finding little spots of blood too. I am going go back docs soon to push them and discuss them. that's the thing u have to do, just keep pushing the docs and telling them how bad it is, tell them they need to do something. I hope they sort it out soon xx

  • I'm sorry you have been experiencing pain. You are right about it being a common problem Effecting your bowels. I used to get severe pain when doing a poo. Sometimes feeling like a knife was being stabbed up by rectum. My husband found on the toilet a few times crying my eyes out in agony. I sometimes get slight discomfort but nothing like I used to. I'm not sure why this pain stopped but I do try and make sure I keep my diet full of fibre so my stools are looser. I wonder if the metallic smell is stale blood? Hope u get some answers from your doc x

  • Ditto! T'is all rather unpleasant. I've had similar symptoms for years but mention your age any history of anal sex (including anal rape) and they totally ignore any concerns you have. Shitty treatment....pun intended. Stay firm and insistent, you'll get somewhere eventually. Good luck!

  • Hi, I can be in agony when opening my bowels sometimes I have to pant to get through the pain, this can be due to endometriosis being around my bowel area but I was also diagnosed with IBS.

    Ask to be tested as endo and IBS usually come together.

    Hope you get it sorted.


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