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Hi everyone.

It's my first time posting on here but am so fed up that I felt like venting to others who understand!

I've had problems for over a decade and knew I had large chocolate cysts on my ovaries which were removed 2 years ago. I've been relatively pain free but of course, I always knew it would return. Have been trying to get pregnant for about 18 months and nothing is happening although I do have an appointment at a fertility centre soon. Off work today because of the pain and I hate it when other women look at you as if to say 'Its only period pain, get over it' but as you all know, its so not!!

Hate to moan but this condition gets the better of us all sometimes and today just happens to be my breaking point.

On the plus side, I'm in bed with my painkillers watching Christmas films...every cloud and all that!

Thanks for listening



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Sorry to hear your having a bad day. I wish people could experience our issues and they would then perhaps be more sympathetic. I'm waiting to have chocolate cysts removed so I can get some peace from the pain. Can your GP not give you stronger pain meds since u are not taking any hormonal therapy at present. Good luck with the TTC

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Orrr chicken, it's ok to feel sorry for yourself. You going through a tough time and no one who hasn't experienced this pain truly understands.

I find that I'm up & down with mood, sometimes positive other times quiet & fed up.

Think I've learnt to accept the rollercoaster now.

It's the comfort eating that bugs me!! Ha ha ha

Totally understand what you're saying and as for the other women who don't have a clue just how painful & tiring this is. Sod em!!

Hang in there, post when u need to & call the Endometriosis org uk helpline. Details on their website.

Fellow sufferers there to talk to you and sometimes all you need is someone to appreciate just how crap it is having this illness & how bad it can make you feel.


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