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Mirena after endo surgery

Had lap 4 weeks ago to remove endo and chocolate cyst seeing private gyne In jan - they have been telling me to have the mirena for years but I've been scared of getting migraines as I am hormone sensitive but now I think I should try it as I don't want to go through what just happened to me with ruptured cyst - and my periods are horrendous heavy and so painful I have come on today 2 days late but heavy and cramps however manageable. All I ever read is bad mirena reviews can anyone give me any good feedback? Especially in regards to headaches? Just want my life back plus I'm so hormonally challenged with pms its awful x

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Had one fitted on monday, I was worried too but thought had to give it a try as some people think its fantastic. Good luck x


Hi. I also had a Mirena fitted last Tuesday during my second lap and was a bit apprehensive following mixed reviews, plus I really didn't like the idea of something permanently in me, but kept thinking everyone is different so give it a go.

So far so good, and I've been surprised at how little pain and even discomfort I've been in. The next step is to have sex for the first time with it in, which I posted about yesterday but check out my responses as they are all positive about the Mirena.

As regards migraines I also suffer with these, in particular the ones with aura where you get the visual disturbance first, which is one of the reasons I had to come off the pill, so my specialist has put me on a very low dose of Endep (10 mg a day). Not sure if you have this in the UK (I'm in Australia) but it seems to work in that I haven't had any migraines since being on it (3 months now) or indeed many headaches, plus it helps with my bowels, back and bladder (I have issues with all of these connected with my endo) so maybe worth asking your doctor about this.

Hope this helps a little x


I can honestly say that my Mirena has changed my life. I didn't suffer with heavy periods but they were very painful, they kept me awake at night and kept me on the sofa for a weekend. I don't really get periods now, I had my Mirena fitted in March and although i've had a few times when I thought I was coming on it never developed in to anything. I'm not 100% sure that they have stopped completely but I can't remember the last time I saw anything. As for headaches, I became hormonally challenged as I got older, I was never diagnosed with Migraine but I knew they were linked to my hormones. I got used to taking pain killers either for a headache or period pains for what seemed like all the time. I don't anymore, my headaches stopped immediatly and my period pains lessened immediatly and I don't think I now get any pain definatly nothing that I need a pain killer for. I can not praise my Mirena enough this year has flown by and I havn't spent any time since March in pain so severe that I don't know what to do with myself, whether that be a head ache of period pain.



I had the Mirena fitted after my last lap which was excision surgery and this took place in June 2014. I was really worried as hated the idea, heard all the bad reviews and found them really off putting but eventually I agreed. The only thing I regret is not having it put in sooner, it has made such a difference! I used to suffer from 3 weeks of bleeding a month and 1 of those weeks I wouldn't be able to leave the house due to pain and how heavy it was and now I totally have my life back. There was an adjustment period (no pun intended!) with the coil for the first 6 months I would say, I spotted lightly everyday for at least the first 4 months which was really difficult to deal with and I wanted it to come out at some points but I am really glad I stuck with it. I now get very mild period pain around the time when my period should be and some light spotting and that's it. Most of the time the pain is cured with 2 paracetamol as opposed to before when I was on oral morphine and the strongest dose of codeine every 4 hours.

I was also worried about weight gain however, following the endo diet most days, I have actually lost weight and maintained the loss. I can't talk about migraines (only that I haven't had any) as I didn't really suffer with them before. The only down side for me was that I had endo-related acne before the coil and it has made it slightly worse although it is starting to clear up now. I have also found a correlation with eating gluten and wheat and my acne so because of the endo diet it is slowly going.

The way I always saw it was that if after 6 months it hadn't improved anything, I could have it taken out and try something else, but it was worth a try. Also people are a lot less likely to post when something is going well online so that it why it is so congested with the negative stories.

Anyway, if you do try it I really hope it works as well for you as it has for me :)

All the best xx


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