Confuddled (confused)

This may be a really stupid question, it may not. Since Friday I have come down with a bug of sorts, my boyfriends mum thinks it is the flu because of how rough I've been feeling but my question is, could the potential flu or whatever it is be making my pain worse. I haven't been diagnosed yet and being only 16 the doctors are in the process of throwing me around not seeming to give a damn where I end up (in the medical situation I am in). My pain is intensified and I have been having a hot water bottle with me and trying everything to calm the pain down or at least soothe is as it is worse than normal but nothing is working. I just want to get better as I have the hope that the pain might settle down a bit? Anyone have any ideas :/ xx

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  • Hi LozzaWozza,

    Sounds like you're having it rough at the moment :(

    I'm not sure about the pain being directly affected by your bug/flu but I always find that if I'm feeling low due to illness or being tired, then I have less energy to deal with my endo - and that can make it seem more painful. I just got over a monster cold myself and I found myself with a hot water bottle on my tummy and lower back more than normal. Best to just dose yourself up as much as possible, have hot baths and get over your cold asap.

    Hope you're feeling better real soon x

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