operation worries

Hey, im 16, i was diagnosed with endo when i was 14. I went to see my doctor in the start of October, he the gave me a date for my operation about a week later, he said that he would operate on the 2nd of Feb 2015. its now nearly 2 months later and I still haven't received a letter confirming my operation date. My sister who also has Endo received a date a few weeks after me and she recieved a letter a few days later... should i be worried that my doctor forgot to book me in for that time slot?

Thank you

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  • Hi there, I would definitely chase this up with your doctor/hospital, its possibly got lost in the system or even in the post. If you have their number I would ring them and confirm - I do this anyway even with letters as sometimes things change and people don't always remember to tell you!

  • Thank you

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