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Sorry ladies, this is going to be a long one. I have too many things swimming around my head and I need to get it all out there.

I am 6 days post lap for treatment of endo. Two years ago I had a lap to remove stage 1 endo. I found out this time round its now stage 3. I came round to find 3 incisions which was a bit of a shock and its at that point I realised it must have gotten worse. They found it underneath my left ovary, on the ligament that holds my right fallopian tube in place and on the pouch of Douglas all of which was removed. I'm struggling with the fact that its got a lot worse in such a short time and now quite worried about my fertility. I had my coil removed during the lap as my husband and I are going to try for a baby.

I guess I'm just trying to talk to people that understand.....

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Hi there. I am also just recovering from my second lap 6 days ago for stage 4 endo and have ended up with 4 new scars to keep the old 3 company! :( I also have it in my Pouch of Douglas and my uterus appears to be stuck to my bowel (but whereas you've just had your Mirena removed, I've just had one implanted).

Anyway, apparently the best time to get pregnant when suffering from endometriosis is actually soon after a laparoscopy as you have, in effect and to put it rather crudely, been cleared out, so in theory there should be less "stuff" to cause any obstruction or issue with conception. This has happened to 2 of my friends, one of them twice.

Hope this offers some consolation. All the best x


I'm sorry you have all these worries but hope that you will be feeling more comfortable soon. I'm afraid I can't speak from experience here with laps as my consultant is very reluctant to do this and he has so far managed to help me with medication. What I do think would help you is something like Sophrology or some visualisation technique. It has helped me enormously and I do believe our thoughts and visualisations affect our body cells. I have Adenomyosis and suspected Endo and 2 years ago felt like my body was eating me from the inside out, I couldn't go anywhere because the pain caused so many panic attacks and I collapsed several times. But since starting my Sophrology Diploma I have slowly seen an improvement in all my symptoms including migraine. Yes I have the odd really bad flare, but I listen to my body and slow up when I need to. I focus on gut health with fermented foods, probiotics too which I think has really helped. This week I have taken my first class of 9 year olds in Sophrology and this was something I never thought I would ever be capable of, emotionally or physically. But with visualisation and self belief I did it. Keep believing in the magic of you and stop doubting what your body can do. Treat it like a child that needs you to hold it's hand.

Big hugs



Hope you're recovering well. I'm 2 weeks post laparoscopy. I had mine lasered in July 2013, they said it was stage one. I've just had my second lap where the endo was excised from my left pelvic wall, pouch of Douglas, both utero-sacral ligaments and was told it was deeper (awaiting to see the consultant to see if he says what grade and if it was anywhere else as the ward I was on told me it was 'just' a laparoscopy) also, my right ovary was behind my womb so that was unstuck.

Endo can be translucent blisters so is not always spotted the first time round, leaving it to grow.

I wish you and your husband all the best in trying to conceive :)


Thank you lovely ladies for your replies. Its a comfort to know I'm not alone, not that I would wish this horrible disease on any of us! I just find it hard sometimes when the people around you are pointing out the positives constantly (which don't get me wrong is good) when sometimes all I need is someone to agree with me and say "actually this is rubbish and you're allowed to be angry and upset!".

I also have heard that the best time to conceive is after the lap so I'm going to give myself time to heal and then start trying as soon as possible.

I hope your recoveries go well juceb and fudgecake and I will certainly look into that technique rainbowdream.



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