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Laproscopy nightmare!

Hi guys,

I'm really new to this. For years I have had problems but most recently I have had a laproscopy on the 1st October. Since then my body is confused in regards to my periods. Is this normal?

I had a period on the 7th November, bleeding on the 24th for 5 days and since then nothing. I'm confused and fed up of being fobbed off by the doctors. Can anyone help?

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Hello. What did they do during your lap? I.e. did they remove much endo, unstick things, etc.?

Unfortunately I can't really comment on how periods behave after laps as although having had 2 now, my last just 6 days ago, I've had hormone therapy straight after to prevent my periods from returning (Zoladex implants and now the Mirena).

Were you regular before? I would guess the body will take at least a few months to get back into a cycle but your doctor and/or specialist should be able to advise, and definitely not fobbing you off!

I would say give it a bit more time and continue recording the dates x


I too had period issues following my lap, When they did mine they made an incision in my uterus which im sure was prob the cause. To start with I was a week late, then I had a period that went on for 2 weeks- that sucked. I started a new pill, Yasmin, as well that period so I'm not sure that helped either, are you on any kind of hormone treatment? I know more often than not they can muck up your cycles for a bit but I definitely found the surgery disrupted my cycles.



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