Endometriosis Symptoms?

I was diagnosed with very mild endometriosis back in 2010 and i have had Laparoscopic surgery to confirm this.

I don't usually have any problems with it apart from added pain around the time of my period, however a couple of months ago i woke up in the middle of the night with horrendous pain down my sides (Fallopian tube area) the pain was so intense it caused to me to be sick but after 30 minutes it stopped and i was fine again... the exact same thing happened again last night and caused me to pass out and vomit. This has only happened twice and does not happen in any pattern at all, has anyone else experienced this? i'm wondering if this is to do with the endometriosis or something completely different. Thanks.

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  • Hi,

    perhaps a cyst on your ovaries? It could be the endo attached to something that is pulling somewhere- perhaps another scan would be the best from here? Are you on the pill? X

  • I was thinking maybe something like that, can it move or progress? The hospital gave me the all clear and to just take my pill as a treatment but to be in so much pain that I'm waking up in the middle of the night to be sick isn't right, I'm going to ask to be referred for a scan on Monday and hope they can sort me one out, just hoping it's nothing too bad! xx

  • Hi,

    cysts can grow and they can burst which can cause alot of pain. So yes get them to check it out just to be sure x

  • Thank you x

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