Annoyed and lost

Recently moved to a new town and in the middle of November went for an appointment with at my new doctors surgery, she straight away said once she had received my records from my old GP she would refer me to a pediatrician as I'm only 16. I was happy as I felt I was getting somewhere then about 2 weeks later I got a phone call from the surgery saying that the ped had said they felt my issues are more suitable for a gyn, I then had to wait to hear back from the referral to them. Tuesday morning I woke up and was fine, about 30 minutes later I was in agony, literally screaming and crying my eyes out and both me and my boyfriend were worried so I set an appointment for later that day. The doctor informed me that I need to go to a GUM clinic and if they don't find anything then my pain is not the gyns problem! Fed up of missing 6th form and being in agony all the time. So basically no one is interested in helping me and I feel so stuck :( any one have any advice on what I can do now, going to the clinic on the 19th for all the tests and everything, but certain my pain is not caused by anything they will find as I have been having my pain since I started my period when I was 10. So scared, annoyed and just tired of it all.

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  • Well you may find the clinic is more sympathetic as they deal with this all the time and you are always entitled to a second opinion as well. Unfortunately I experienced similar as a teen and your age means they dismiss you which is wrong. I wasn't diagnosed until 21. Can you take an older person with you to fight your corner. And keep a pain diary to take to the clinic/doctors where you log all your symptoms and grade your pain out of 10 on a daily basis. Don't forget that these people's job is to care for you, if you don't get the help you need seek another opinion/new G.P. Do you have a local endo group who know of the local specialists as you can ask to be referred to a specific person. Good luck.

  • I live in a pretty rural area, the closest proper hospital is around 45 minutes away so its such a hassle going to and forth. I have a bleeding and pain diary that I showed my new GP as it is one my old GP gave to me, I've been keeping track since the middle of July as I started bleeding then and didn't stop until last week with only a few breaks. Thank you for the advice, I will seek advice from the clinic and hopefully get somewhere but it so frustrating, I am just really glad I found this site so I could get all this support, so glad to know I am not alone :3 Thank you so much. x

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