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2nd laparoscopy, nothing found

Just had my 2nd laparoscopy after two years of symptoms and pain since last one-where endo found. Mirena and pill not worked too well and sex, exercise, housework hard to to pulling/dragging sensations.

I woke up to be told I was only in 10 minutes...said they can't see any endo/adhesions despite being told ovaries were stuck to bowel and peritoneum-so had planned mentally and practically for bowel surgery...giving up my rented room not covered by SSP. This was seen on a very detailed ultrasound on Harley Street.

I feel absolutely devastated as thought this would be a step to feeling better at last. They didn't even take my mirena out so they have been able to have a good look behind my womb etc.

Had hardly any pain relief and somebody but a pad on me back to front with the sticky strip still on, with no pants, so I bled all over my bed-lovely. Just feel like I'm considered a total nutcase now.

Last time endo was found and don't understand symptoms otherwise. I cried in recovery and got told off for putting heart rate up.

Has anyone else had similar? Is it maybe as I am using mirena and 2 lots of cerazette mini pill the colour is not obvious and they didn't root around for adhesions?

Any replies very appreciated xxx

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Hey, I don't usually write on these as feel worried I won't help but I was reading your post and just wanted to let you know that the same has happened to me. I was diagnosed with endometriosis in Feb 2013 after a lap which relieved my symptoms until the Oct when the pain kicked back in overnight. I was started on tramadol over the Xmas. I saw my consultant in the January this year and started a new pill in the hope it would stop my periods and relieve the pain. unfortunately the pain got worse and I had a few trips to A&E so went through 3 months of zoladex and when that was stopped I had another lap. Similar to you I was told in recovery that I was only in there for 15minutes and they found no endometriosis or cause for the pain. This actually broke my heart because I was so desperate for it to work. All I can say is my consultant has not given up on me and has suggested that it could be adenomyosis, or the endo from 2013 has damaged some nerves which keep signally the pain.

Keep fighting for support from the professionals and don't ever let anyone make you feel it's in your head.

I hope you're ok xxxx


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