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Hi my 24 year old daughter has received a preliminary diagnosis from her GP of endometriosis. She has been referred to her local hospital which is Glasgow Royal Infirmary. However, talking to female co-workers with similar issues, it seems that the Southern General in Glasgow is the best place for her to be seen.

As her dad, all I want is for her to get the best treatment available. Can anyone out there point me in the right direction as to where she can get this please? NHS or private.

Many thanks for everyone's help

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Hi, I am not from round Glasgow but from my experiences the best place for your daughter to be seen is wherever a gynaecology specialist is. I am from West Yorkshire and spent 2years being passed around different departments/hospitals in the area, so I finally went private. This is the best thing I have ever done as within a month of my first appointment I was having a laparoscopy to start the diagnose of endometriosis although I know that not going private is not for everyone.

As long as your daughter sees a specialist for Endometriosis then she is in the right hands - just don't let the process be dragged out. I am now in my 3rd year of the process and was only officially diagnosed 1 month ago. Fingers crossed that your daughter receives the right help :)


Thank you very much


Dear worried_Dad,

I understand your concerns but we don't advocate using the naming of doctors or hospitals/ clinics they practice from as everyone's experience is very personal and differ greatly. That said, perhaps I can be of assistance sir.

Firstly, I will pass you some information that can be found on the endometriosis-uk.org/ website:

Getting a diagnosis and Laparoscopic surgery for endometriosis



Understanding Endometriosis - Information Pack endometriosis-uk.org/sites/...

The following can be useful ahead of an appointment with a specialist:



Once a diagnosis has been confirmed, it might be helpful to look at the treatment options available:


On the subject of specialists, there are countrywide specialist endometriosis centres made up of Gynaecologists, Endometriosis Specialist Nurses, Colorectal surgeons, Urologists and Pain management specialist:


Endometriosis UK also runs support groups for sufferers and their partners, family members etc. I notice you mention your area as being Glasgow and there a support group based in Glasgow running once a month:


For those people who do not have a support group in their area or where some people prefer not to attend a face to face meeting, there are also online support groups that are run monthly via skype (without the webcams in use). I believe there is a meeting this evening at 8pm:


Furthermore, there is a confidential freephone helpline where you can speak in confidence to a trained volunteer. In fact, all the support provided is from volunteers who have been touched by endometriosis themselves and so it is helpful to speak with people who know and understand what you are going through. They are open all this week and update the website with opening times:

0808 808 2227


I do hope this helps.

I wish your daughter well.

Take care,



thank you for this information. It has been most helpful.


You are more than welcome.



the first step really is the diagnosis as some experts say only 50% of those referred with pos endo actually have the disease. ( others say more do but it is not visible on lap ). There are other possible causes of pelvic pain and dysmenorrhoea, a lot of which are poorly understood.

It is usual to do an initial diagnostic lap to see if you have endo. If your daugter does and it is mild they may be willing to do some treatment then. It is worth making sure this is discussed in advance, and appropriate consent forms signed.

Butt often if endo is more severe you need a second lap, a treatment one. Waiting times in Glasgow were about 4 to 6 months for your treatment lap as of this time last year, tho if you can take a cancellation at short notice you may get one sooner. So if you have the money for private treatment that would be the stage I would be looking at , rather than the diagnoatic lap.

the reason they don't do it all in one is twofold. One, they want to discuss findings with you and implications of treatment. A long treatment lap can take several hours but obviously they cannot schedule for several hours surgery for every lap. If there isn't endo, or little to be treated, a quick look is about 20 mins.

It is more vital that your daughter is under a good consultant for the treatment lap then the diagnostic one iykwim ( tho ideally you want an endo specialist for both )

I hope for your daughter's sake it isn't endo.

If you want more info pm me. I'm under glasgow health board.

X z


Thank you for this - very helpful


Sorry, on tablet and playing up so can't edit typos. :-/


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