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Teenagers & endometriosis

Hi everyone, I am new here.

Was just wondering if anyone knew how likely it is my daughter would suffer, if I had endo.

I had when I was quite young , always in and out of hospital, appendix out. Was finally discovered and treated. Been manageable throughout my life then.

But my daughter started her periods 6 mnths ago, she is suffering with the pain (but she is also a drama queen) and her periods are quite heavy and last for 7days. Could it be endmetreosis this early on?


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I had symptoms of endometriosis since age 11 when i started my periods, and my Mum has endo. I wasn't diagnosed until age 23 however, but the doctor thought it likely I had endo even at 11 and so I was put straight on the pill. It is thought there may be a genetic element - not sure if this has been confirmed or not.

Sorry I can't give you a better answer, it certainly is possible that your daughter has endo.


Hi I allso suffered really bad with periods but I didn't start having mind till I was 14. And the doctor put me straight on the pill 2


Hi, I started my periods at 11, bled so heavily that I would faint. My mum had keep fighting my gp, until I finally saw a gynae at 17 and had my first lap.

I've just had 2 laps June and Sept, and under a endo specialist. So I asked about my daughter. He said he obviously couldn't test for it, however he did tell me. That if my daughter starts suffering then to go see gp and ask to have her reffered to gynae and be put on a pill. My other half didn't like the idea of a contraceptive pill, however when he realised just how bad I suffered, he said he would allow it to be my decision. (also my cousin has suffered badly with periods, I told my aunt to mention about me as we think it's from my dad's side), as soon as they found out I had endo, my cousin was referred to a gynae and is currently awaiting tests/lap.

Sorry went on a tangent then, however you obviously know your daughter and if you think it is worse than just normal periods then, I would be inclined to take her see a gp.

(I really hope it's not her starting with the condition) x


Hi im 16, I was diagnosed with endo at the age of 14, i started my period few months before turning 13, i started having my symptoms about 6 months into my periods, my sister has stage 4 endo, when my symptoms started they put me on the pill straight away to help with my pain, honestly it didnt do much but because im young they wont try anything else.. they wont give me strong painkillers to help with my pain either, bit of a pain!

Im the complete opposite to your daughter i never told and still dont tell anyone how much pain im in, so they dont think that my pain is bad, honestly its the worse thing ever but because me and my sister suffer i dont like showing how much pain im in because she has it worse off than me, i shouldnt keep it to myself i know but i cant help it, so honestly i think its a good thing that shes a drama queen because in the long run she will be taken much more serious!

good luck, if you have any question don't hesitate to message me, i hope you and your daughter get well soon!

good luck x


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