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What does Adenomyosis feel like?


Just want to ask what does Adenomyosis feel like?

I suffer from Chronic pelvic pain and have had endo removed twice - however have had an uphill battle with treatments not fully eradicating my pain. Adenomyosis was referred to a few times by by doctor.

Been suffering from really heavy and painful periods. I do experience heavy clotting and always lately feel like my insides are being pulled out on the day I experience heavy bleeding. Don't know if this is a symptom?


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Hi. I have Adenomosis and I don't have really heavy periods all the time 3/4 days but I do get clots and severe leg and thigh pains. I have endo and 2 chocolate cysts do I'm not sure what pain is coming from what. That's a good question. X


Thanks Sammie for your comment. It's interesting to get feedback from other people that may be in the same position as me. Have suffered from chocolate cysts in the past too and do suffer from leg pain. x


Hi I have endo and adeno so also slightly difficult to tell what is causing the pain. However I think I had endo pre the birth of our son and that the adeno came after. The change in symptoms which I put down to the adeno are heavier periods (quite heavy for two days) but still not that long and some clots. I get pain down one leg but have had that for years and it is on the side that I have endo affecting my ovary etc.


Thank you for commenting. Just trying to understand adeno a bit more. Hope you cope ok with the pain :-)


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