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Hi - my friend has just been diagnosed and has a major operation scheduled for the end of January.

She is in a lot of pain and very scared. I was wondering if anyone has any tips they could pass on to help her get through the next couple of months a little easier. Or if there is anything you wish you had known when you were first diagnosed - or something you wish someone had said to you. Anything that you think could help her. I know there's no magic wand - I just want to try to help and support her through this - but honestly, am not sure how. Thanks all. Hope you are all doing OK today x

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Hi and welcome, I'm new here too! It can be awful waiting for the surgery but it will be worth it (in my experience anyway). That was my first ever op and under General anaesthetic so I too was understandably nervous but it wasn't that bad, it's no trip to the cinema but as long as she's got someone there to give her some support. As far as the pain goes until then, that's a tricky one, try co cocodamol and an ibuprofen, hot water bottle or hot bath. And advise her to be a bit selfish! If she just wants to sit on the sofa all day, not get dressed and watch crap tv, go for it!

When it comes to the op make sure the consultant gives her lots of info after like where they found it, what stage it was and how they removed it. Knowledge is power!

Take at least 2 weeks off work, I took one and was in agony! And have someone on hand for the first few days as even walking or making a brew is painful! One of the worst parts of the surgery for me was the gas they fill you with, it travelled all the way to my shoulders making them more painful then my stomach! Walking around helps get rid of the gas, shoulder massages if it gets up there and peppermint tea can help.

I hope that all helps a bit! Sorry for waffling! X

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