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Dont know what to do?

Hi everyone! I was at the gp last week because i wanted to come off cerazette and go for another lap because my pain is excruciating, my moods are up and down, i have more and more spots along with other symptoms. My gp says ive to keep going on it for 4 months!! Im crying all the time and cant deal with this and im fed up of being told its muscular, youd think after finding and removing moderate endo in my first lap and a scan showing my ovaries are full of cysts theyd know its not muscular! So fed up and had to rant.. sorry!

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I was recently on cerazette, and i found it had bad side effects for me too... so i was given Desomono which is the sister pill to cerazette - this pill made me 10x worse!!

I would go back to your GP and tell them you need to try something else! Im very lucky to have an amazing lady who understands and sympathises with me. If your GP still won't put you on something else then why not try going to a Family Planning Clinic? I used to go here before i was diagnosed with Endo, and they can maybe give you a different pill?

In the meantime i would suggest just coming off it and using condoms instead. Im currently taking a break from any pills before trying a new one, and I'm feeling so much better for it, although dreading the next period!!

I hope you're feeling better soon!

Emma Xx


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