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Full body mot

Does anyone else feel like they need a full body scan to find out what's going on with their body?! I only say this because I have so many health problems and get referred to individual specialists for that area of my body and I actually could with an MOT with an endo specialist to look at all the systems holistically. If I spend 10 mins on the Internet looking at endo I can see they appear to be linked. When I mention it the specialist ( for example the bowel specialist or the eye specialist when I had a coldsaw thing on my eye) they shrug and say " I don't know, not my area". Even when I speak to gyne she tends to only Care about the lady bits and doesn't consider my syptoms as a hole..... Rant over

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Yeah it's as if they are so specialised they can only deal with their specific area. I always feel I need a coordinating doctor to think through the symptoms and results and look at the bigger picture..

Years ago that'd have been your GP, but these days they are so overstretched that they can't do anything in 7-ish minutes we are alotted per appointment... E.g. I have several issues I need to address with the GP, but on order to do so, I'd have to book 2 or 3 appointments!


I found out after seeing a colorectal surgeon who said my issue could be bone related and to go babk to docs to get referred back in. The hospital get money for each referral from gp so rarely internally refer or would look into other areas of body x


My GP says I need a 'Neurogynaecologist' :D


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