Hip Pain and endo?

Hi i was just wondering if any of you ladies get severe hip pain and if its related to endometriosis? I know you can get sore hips but sometimes if i move my leg the wrong way it can almost feel as though my hip spasms and although this is embarrassing it also happens during intercourse all the time. Does anyone else have this problem? My gp didnt have an answer for me?

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  • I called off today from work partially because of this. It's a new pain for me since my surgery. It hurts from where the ovary is clear down to the top of my leg directly in a line. And it can hurt bad enough that I can barely walk, or my leg goes out on me. Sitting is very uncomfortable as is standing. If I sit curled up for too long, then it is a screaming pain and I can hardly put any weight on it at all. I wonder if perhaps our endo is flared up closer to the leg nerve then it should be? That or I have new adhesions in that area. It's the only thing I can think of.

  • That sounds very similiar to me, usually it wakes me up at night as i have been in the same position for too long and i wake up with excruciating pain which settles down over about 15 mins:/

  • YES!! That is what happened to me last night. I could barely stay asleep. So I knew it wasn't going to be a good work day today. Which really bothers me to have to keep calling off.

  • Touch wood I havent really had this symptom since my op lap, but before I had my op I would frequently get severe hip pain which would sometimes radiate all the way down my leg. Had it confirmed by my consultant that it was due to my endo, even had xrays to check it wasnt anything else.

  • Yes absolutely, had an mri and it showed bilateral hip bursitis and bilateral ovarian cysts. Tried corticosteroid injections they didn't help. This is not the first time for me and it had been resolved with laps before. My physiotherapist said most people will show this amount of bursitis but it didn't substantiate the pain I was in. I've had Julia multitude of gynecological issues so can't hazzard a guess if it was the cysts or the endometriosis. But it' s back and I' m hoping the next specialist will give me a lap. No pain killers I've tried have helped. I took robax platinum for 6 weeks straight till my bowels started bleeding and swithched to coidine it didn't help , physiotherapy didn't help.

    It not only hurts all day but jolts when I climb into my vehicle or if I reach for things.

  • Endometriosis on the ligaments that run up into the pelvis?

  • I also suffering from this problem. I have excluded haemorrhoids or anal fissure after visiting the GP. My go thinks it probably endo related.Yesterday I did ultrasound and the doctor found 3 endometriotic cyst on my right ovary and my pain mostly on my rt hip and leg.May be this is related. I am on oral pill but pain does not go away I take paracetamol and Ibuprofen. I had my laparoscopy about 6 months ago. Got a miscarriage 2 months agon. I have this pain for 1 month.

  • I have exactly the same thing. Recently had an xray which showed nothing. It is usually worse when I am in bed and can sometimes wake me up with excruciating pain. I have had to get up and walk around for about an hour to get rid of it enough to sleep.

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