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Soo much pain!!!

Hi All

Having spent yet another sleepless night pacing like a wild animal with the pain and pruning myself in a hot bath for 3hrs I just wondered if anyone has any tips for pain relief medication?? I have tried tramadol & codeine phosphate from docs (both didn't work with awful side effects) ibruptofen take the edge off but already take too many.

Limited on treatment for extensive endo as starting IVF this month. Any advice appreciated x

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Awww bless ya - the pruning part made me laugh (sorry) as it's something I do.

Have you tried mefenamic acid or Naproxen? They're stronger versions of the ibuprofen type drugs (NSAIDS). Naproxen being stronger than the mefenamic acid. You can take paracetamol or cocodamol with them. I started on ibuprofen/paracetamol, then moved on to ibuprofen/cocodamol, then moved on to mefenamic acid/cocodamol and finally stuck with Naproxen and cocodamol. I get reasonable  pain relief with it - it doesn't take the pain away 100%, but it makes it bearable and more a background thing I can cope with.

To get either Naproxen or the mefenamic acid, speak to your GP.


Ahh thankyou for advice I just managed 4 hours (should be 9 oops) at work & I back home pruning again,at least I'll be clean if nothing else ha.did consider throwing myself on doctors counter on way back & begging them to help but didn't think they would appreciate that,will defo call tho.tough day(s) taking the edge off like u say is better than nothing. Thankyou loux


Have you tried heat patches - I've been using them lately and have been finding its the only way I can get through a day at work until I get my next lap. Xxx


I agree, those heat patch things are great.


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