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Struggling with this and need advice

Hello, I feel every time I go to the dr all they say is that they will pump me with hormones, I'm sick of them. They make me a misserable grumpy depressed person.

I'm also worried about my fertility, I am 22 been with my man for over 7 years and are saving to build a house ( waiting for mortgage to go thru to start next year) we have been having unprotected sex for at least 9 months ( maybe a year) we are not actively trying but if it happened we would be happy :) kind of ntnp. But recently my cycles are starting to get shorter ( used to be 31/32 days now 27/28 ) and I'm starting to get spotting mid cycle. Could this be cause by endo? Our plan is to get married once the house is complete and then activly ttc which could mean a 2 year wait before considering fertility treatment. I just don't know what to do, I know we should technically get on birth control and wait until we are organised but I feel the longer I wait the harder it will be and I don't know what is for the best !

We have stable jobs and are currently renting so we are stable in that respect , just still to build our forever home !

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Dear Emdometriosis,

I am sorry to hear you are having a hard time. I thought I would write to you with some information that may be of use.

You do not mention whether you are seeing a gynaecologist, but if not, you can request a referral to one via your GP:


There are endometriosis specialist centres countrywide made up of specialist teams of Gynaecologists,

Endometriosis Specialist Nurses, Colorectal surgeons, Urologists and Pain management specialists. You can see the list here. This might help when requesting a referral if relevant:


Ahead of such an appointment, the following might help. You can fill the forms out and take them with you to see the specialist:



Should it be an endometriosis diagnosis, there is some further reading on the chronic condition and treatment options:



You mention fertility in your post. Please see the link below:


I wish you well.

Take care,



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