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So I am now 3 days post lap and I am feeling awesome. Yes, my stitches hurt but apart from that I feel so much happier. I had my lap on Friday and they found a patch of endo along the outside of my womb, which they removed, but found that most of my pain was caused by my ovaries. Apparently every time I ovulate my ovaries cause me pain- which explains why I was in almost constant pain- so all I have to do now is take a different contraceptive pill to manage the pain and I'm back to my old self. It's such a relief, I finally feel like I have some kind of control back after a very long 18 months.

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That's really wonderful news and very reassuring. Congratulations :)


Great to hear your good news! Well done for getting through. I get ovulation pain too, but the contraceptives sort that out usually. ;0). Well done for staying so positive.

Big hugs


Nice to see someone with a positive post lap! Makes me feel slighter better about mine next month!


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