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So I have endo but been in pain for over a week now and im not sleepig (pain is different to endo) seen 4 health professionals who all just sent me away with "pain killers" including tramadol which isnt working I am still in agony and still not sleeping. Had swabs done last week to test for STD which i know I havent got.

Anyways rang doctors today to see if results were back they are but doc hasnt read them. so i said if its clear i need to see a doctor because im having pains still so luckily got a appointment this aafternoon with a doctor who is interested in endo and womens health.

Thing is I dont just want to be sent away with pain killers or referred for tests that will take weeks, iv lasted a week but its getting unbearable now! Any advice on how i get action this time and not just sent away?

Thanks in advance

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just to add doctor just rang and said my swabs showed a slight infection (not STD) what should i do still go and fight because this pain cant just be a slight infeciton surely


You know your own body better than anybody but you need to decide what you want and then push for it. X

Good luck . X


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