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Hi, I had a laparoscopy and a hysteroscopy 10 days ago (5th Nov) to diagnose and treat endometriosis. After the initial first few days of pain and bleeding I started to feel quite well and returned to work on 12th, since that day I started bleeding again which two days ago started very heavy which it still is. I've got pain, heavy bleeding, headaches/lightheadedness - is this normal after surgery or should I contact gp? I'm not due my period for two weeks. The consultant said he did remove endometriosis but I didn't ask any questions as I was still coming round from surgery, not seeing him till the end of December. Any advice/help would be gratefully received, thank you

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Hi, I had my lap on 28th October where endo was diagnosed & I had the mirena coil fitted. I'm still not back at work and return 19th November. Obv I'm not a Dr but I believe you returned to work to early. I would seek medical advice for your symptoms. I was still sore the 2nd week after my op and requested an extra week via sick note, to fully recover and get back to competently completing basic household chores. I don't mean to scare you and sorry if my message alarms you but I think you need plenty of rest to let your body recover fully internally. Hope it helps.

L x


I agree. It sounds like you went back too soon. It takes a while for the healing inside to happen a nd the bleeding can go on for a while, particularly if you are moving around a lot and putting strain on your pelvic area, e.g. By walking or lifting. I took two weeks after a similar experience and still felt pain and tiredness after returning to work. Would suggest seeing your GP and getting some more sick leave or perhaps seeing if you can work reduced hours.


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