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Had my op but still in pain

Hi there, I had my op to remove all endometriosis and pcos but am still in pain, docs think pid is back only week after op but can't give my the right antibiotics as they make me violently sick so what do I do? I sly in pain, feel dizzy and have lost my appetite and feel nauseous when eat n sometimes am sic causing me to have lost half stone in 1 1/2 weeks!!

What would you do cos need help but can't get anywhere with docs xx

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This sound like what I have been eexperiencing a week now. In my case period has return and is more painfull than before. Check out the letter of discharge, instructions for GP see what the doctor recomended. I did not eat fo 3days and I vomited 2days. Took codeine to bear with the pain. Since I had my injection for menopause on Tuesday, today the cramps have been milder and I do not need to grip anything while their are coming.

Good luck and ask your GP for nausea pills this will help you to start eating, no appetite but at least you can eat.

I hope your pain will go.


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Hi Emsie

Could somebody get you some probiotics. I always take these now for nausea and loss of appetite and make my own fermented foods with ginger and it really helps with the nausea and gives your body a boost. Kimchi is powerful if you like Chili but maybe a non Pasteurised Kombucha or probiotic yoghurt would help. Or just buy some good quality probiotics. I hope you find some relief soon.

This is a link about Kombucha Tea it is very soothing if you want to try it yourself.

Big hugs

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