I went to Miami Childrens and talked about all my menstrual problems and well they don't think I have endometriosis, they said they can't do a laparoscopy done because they don't wanna open me up for no reason, they said that even with girls that they believe have endometriosis they dont open up because its a waste, they just give them oral contraceptives.

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What us Miami children ?what sort of doctor told you all of this?

Miami Childrens is a hospital for kids under 18, and I'm 15. My adolescent medicine doctor told me this

I would get a second opinion. Iral contraceptives don't help they prevent but do nothing for you (take it from a girl who's used them for the last 6 years) even if it isn't Endo, it could be PCOS or adenomyosis. There are a number of things that can go on down there. Can I ask what your symptoms are please? Maybe I could help give direction to what it could be and then you can have tests or whatever done. Don't listen to them because you do need surgery if its bad. I had to have TPPE for it and I'm only 18. TPPE is total pelvic peritoneal excision, it is where they cut away the peritoneum which is the pelvic cavity wall. They should do more to help so like I said, see someone else about this...perhaps a spexilaist if you look for one, they would be your best bet xxx

Thank you (: my period is always so heavy, and last two weeks, and I have horrible cramps Ive been hospitalized because of the pain

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