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The pains back

Feeling a little bit lost tonight - had a lap back in February and found out I had endo and my right ovary had got stuck in a pocket of it. Came off pill in July and haven't been feeling right since. Initially had bad cramping like period pain constant for 3/4 weeks then it seemed to disappear so had assumed that it was just my body adjusting, then 3 weeks later pain returned but a different kind of pain, feels the same as before I had the lap, pain in my lower back, right side of my abdomen, hip and buttock (like a dead leg). Was back seeing consultant last week and he thinks my ovary might be trapped again. Had ultrasound today and they couldn't really see anything but that was the same last time round. pain much better the last few days with painkillers (paracetamol and diclofenac - trying to stay off anything stronger as it makes me really spaced out) and wearing a heat patch during the day and hot water bottle at night (heat seems to be the only thing that helps) am now beginning to question myself if it's really as bad as the last time or if I'm just managing to deal with it better and get on with things. So worried that I have another lap and they can't find anything - the last time I was off work for three weeks and it was another 4 weeks before I started to feel normal after that.

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Hi there your story sounds a lot like mine. I had a lap feb 2013 and they had to unstick my right ovary from my abdominal wall. Moderate endo was found too. I had 2 ultrasounds before that showed nothing and I was really doubting myself in case I was imagining the pain. I now have a 2nd lap booked for 19th December as all my aches and pains came back and this time my ultrasound showed a chocolate cyst on my right ovary but nothing else. Because of my past history the surgeon suspects my insides have glued together again. My last lap was very traumatic and I'm not keen on having another but I need to try as the pain can be horrendous some days. I feel we should trust our instincts and if we feel similar aches and pains then it probably means our horrible endo has come back I'm afraid. My symptoms started up again 8 months after my first lap x


I have exactly the same problem @Suz213 @Fedup33... I also had a lap in February this year. Had some endo burnt and removed, cysts drained and my bowel unstuck from my uterus. Took me a good 2-3 months to recover. 3 months ago I started to feel a lot of pain again in my left groin and in my leg.

I saw the GP, she sent me to the consultant, who is putting it down to either problems from my back, as I have a herniated disc in my back, or she says it could be my bowels.

I told her that I believe it's the endo returning as my symptoms are exactly the same as before, she however doesn't, even though she read the notes from my previous lap in front of me, which said I still had endo left on my ovaries!!

She said I could have a 3 month course of prostrap injections, in 6 months time! Also sent me for an ultrasound. This showed that my left ovaries where all my pain is, are stuck behind my womb!!

We do have to trust our own instincts when it comes to our bodies, I totally agree.

On a lot of pain killers at the moment, not nice, sick of being in pain.


P.s. February seems like a bad month for laparoscopies!!


Thank you both for your replies, it's comforting to know that I'm not the only one! Hope you are both feeling better soon x


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