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Laparoscopy or pelvic ultrasound? What if they don't find anything?!

Just seen my consultant and he's offered me to have either a laparoscopy or a pelvic ultrasound. After spending time chatting with him about them both ive decided to go ahead with the laparoscopy. After being told the pros and cons of this procedure I'm slightly worried as the chance of them finding something aren't that high. If it comes back my pelvic area is fine/clear then it rules out endo.. this makes me feel like I have been suffering and moaning for the last year over nothing if nothing shows up from the operation? I feel like it's a waste of nhs resources and I'll look like a moaning minnie over nothing plus my work won't be understanding of how unwell I feel if nothing shows up. What is this pain etc if it's not endo?! I'm in 2 minds now whether to go ahead with it. any help advice welcomed x

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Hi brown bear17, I was exactly the same as you, in two minds and started believing it was all in my head and I was just a whimp or a drama queen. I cancelled my first laparoscopy and tried to just manage on pain killers. I was bed ridden every cycle and vomiting with pains. I'm in pain for 3 weeks out of the month but it just gets worse during my period. I knew deep down that something wasn't right and I asked to be booked in again for a lap. I had the lap last week and they found stage two endo on my pouch of Douglas, utrosaceral ligaments which affect my bowel, and my bladder. He said there was spots of it all over the left side of my pelvis, also some adhesions. Always trust your gut instinct! The lap is honestly not that bad, I found the GA the worst part as it knocked me for six and I threw up a bit off it. I had a hysteroscopy as well as I had quite a lot of bleeding throughout the month and after intercourse, and the mirena fitted. Hopefully this will help ease my symptoms :)


the only thing my ultrasound showed was 2 cysts (one 8x8 and one 2x3) and fibriods. one lap later stage 4 endo found, which i was symptomless from! The op was not anywhere near as bad as I thought.

I can see why you don't want to have an op, no one does. and I can see why you worry about them not finding anything and people saying it's in your head, your health comes first, like Hinesm i would have the lap. Once you have a diagnosis it can be treated.


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