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Does anyone have any recommendations on pain relief. I was diagnosed a year ago with stage 4 endo after a lap. I was put on 6 months of Decapeptyl injections which worked brilliantly. I came off the injections in the summer so I could start Ivf treatment but have to be honest I'm struggling to cope with the chronic pain that has come back. I can't remember the last time I had a good nights sleep, I hardly have the energy to exercise anymore, going to work is horrendous as I can't concentrate and my sex life is none existent. If I constantly take a mixture of ibuprofen/paracetamol with the odd tramadol thrown in I can just about get through the day. I'm worried though that my body will become immune to this routine and then the pain will come back. What works for you?

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  • Hi I totally understand how you feel. And your body does start to become immune to pain relief so you have to be careful. My doc told me to "layer" my medication. I find mefanamic acid useful but sometimes need to take it along with codeine and eventually tramadol. Sometimes taking one of each and 2 if it's really bad. Think everyone has their own mix that works for them, obviously just be careful what you combine xx

  • Have you tried a tens machine? I swear by mine and is useful when you are avoiding medicationxxx

  • Will have to look this up as I've never heard of it - thank you x

  • Try Pycnogenol from 300 mg up, its expensive but best for pain. At night Melatonin (from 4mg up depending on pain) it eliminates it completely, you just have to find the right dosage, although it can't be taken indefinatelly as the first one. x

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