Don't Lose Hope

Hi guys,

From my first ever period there was issues, visited my GP every 2nd month with pains, fainting, clotting, massive blood loss and severe shakes, I was given liquid laxatives to takes 3 times a day for 6 years as they believed I was "constipated" as you can imagine this has left me with irreversible bowel issues. Finally when I was 18 I had a massive attack of pain and was rushed to A&E with a burst appendix which had been rumbling for 5 years, and doctors told me all my problems would be gone. But the problems got worse. I could not socialise with my friends if I was due or had my period as I was faint, spasm and leak through a super plus tampom AND pad within 2 hours, I was just given a stronger pill and told "it's all part of being a woman". I met my bf 3 years ago and realised I could not be intimate without pain, keeping in mind I would only have a week or 2 max without bleeding, I went to 4 different doctors, the women's well centre and had 3 ultra sounds and was told there was nothing wrong. In May of this year I had an early MC and was given a referral to a gyno in the beacon hospital named Sharon Moss, within an hour I felt better she actually believed me and booked me in for a lap. I had stage 1 endo, tubal cysts, ovarian cysts, my ovaries were attached to my pelvic wall and I had sacks of old blood in my uterus, 2 months on and I can't believe the difference! Don't lose hope ladies! There are good doctors out there!

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