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A little bit of hope and help :)

Hello lovely ladies. I thought that I'd share my story in the form of a blog. I only decided to be brave enough to share this yesterday but have been blogging for a while now. I truly hope that it helps some of you on what seems to be your worst days or sometimes just the confusing ones. If you ever need an ear or someone to talk to then do not hesitate to message me. Sometimes all you need is a friend and love as I'm so aware of now is something that we all in this group deserve and need. Big love to you all! <3

Once upon a time...the young girl and her not so fairytale...


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Hi Sophie,

You have been through so much, so unfair. I have just read your blog and I sincerely hope everyone else on here does. You are amazing, your story brought a tear to my eye. Stay strong and look after your wonderful self.

Good luck & huge hugs xx Julie xx

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Your so brave <3 xxx


Wow! You are INCREDIABLE! God bless you! I know first hand how hads fighting "ED" is...a constant battle (have you read Life Without Ed, Good Bye Ed Hello Me, Intuitive Eating?)- all amazing and so helpful

:) ...wow girl you truly are an inspiration! I can't imagine all you have gone thorough! Keep your head up Jesus is in control!

I am so glad you posted your blog on here! I found it so brave of you!

How are you feeling these days? Amy news on growth on arms?

You can message me anytime! Always here to listen! Thoughts and prayers xo


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