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Sick pay?

Hi ladies, im just woundering does anybody know about sick pay? I had my lap 2weeks 2days ago and returned to work monday, i found i had gone back too soon and have been given a sick note for 2weeks starting today, my problem is i self cert from the 3rd oct until the 10th oct, then asked them to take my week holiday iv been trying to take of for tge 2nd week thinking id be back at work, now ive worked 1 full day and a sick note for 2weeks, i only earn £2.73 ph any one know my rates or amount ill get please xx

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It can depend on how long you have worked for the company and what type on contract you have with them. The department for work and pensions website gives you the rues that apply to sick pay.


it far from straight forward. You may also be able to claim benefits for the time you are unable to work - if SSP is not payable.

adviceguide.org.uk/wales/be... gives you the quick guide to claiming ESA while off sick.


Thankyou it takes upto 4 weeks to get benefits tho so by time id get them id be back in work xx


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