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Private Health Insurance

Hi, I have been suffering with bad pelvic pain, back pain and painful periods for about 4 years now. I am on the pill and it helped for about 6 months but now I'm in more pain than ever before, it feels like my pelvis is on fire a lot of the time, and I have passed out previously during my period because the pain has been so unbearable. I have lost count the amount of times I have been to see my GP the last time I went her response was 'well what's your concern with it.' I was referred to a Gynaecologist a year ago I was in there for about 2 minutes and her answer was you probably have endometriosis just take the pill and that was it!!

I am sick of constantly being in pain and was thinking about taking out some private health care insurance, I have read about pre-existing conditions not being covered but I don't know if you probably have endometriosis counts as being diagnosed? The onlY tests I've has done are blood tests, an ultra-sound and I was previously sent to a gastroenterologist for the pains because they thought it was related to my bowels and had a colonoscopy which came back with nothing.

Just wondering what your views are on my chances are of getting insured?


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Hi Lauren

Unfortunately it will prevent you from being able to use the insurance for a referral in order to see a gynae to get a laproscopy for confirmation you definitely have endo. The insurance prevents you using it for symptoms you had prior to taken out the insurance is pelvic pain etc. the only reason you'd get a referral covering it is if you possibly had cancer and your GP wanted to refer you to rule it out (if you had cancer cover). Another condition that can exist on its own or with endo is interstitial cystitis (which isn't the same as normal cystitis) and is known to flare up during periods. Some people only get flare ups during this time. I have this along with adeno and a history of endo. It might be worth looking into this too. On the list of symptoms some people like myself will have every symptom but others will have a few symptoms. The pain can be severe enough to use morphine which I use for pain relief. IC is often dubbed 'the evil twin' because it so often coexists with endo. Hope that helps


I have private medical insurance which covers me for endo and a number of other health conditions. Simply Health cover lots of pre existing conditions, as do a few other insurers, but you do need to read up on them to find out. Try Money Saving Expert, usually full of useful advice xx


Private medical insurance that will cover you for pre existing conditions will have to be in place for 2 years before you can claim on them for those conditions. xx


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